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Today brought with it a set of choices. For many, their choice was simply to go through the day, allowing things to unfold as they generally do, them simply reacting as situations presented themselves. But then, there are those who awoke this morning and made the rather bold decision to live each moment with confidence, not allowing any single situation to move them off the path of victory. For those who are faithful, there is always a bias towards joy, where they are able to find both reason and opportunity to smile. The faithful realize that life will continue happening whether they acknowledge it or not, but that finding joy, even in difficult circumstances, ensures they will never have to settle for less than the privilege of God allows. Today, we were given an opportunity to make a choice. If we’re blessed to see tomorrow, it’ll be the same. Choose wisely.




The Florida Lectureship

The Tri-County Leadership Group was responsible for planning the 2015 Florida State Lectureship and invited me to develop the conference identity including the graphics presentation. Everything from web graphics to banners, signage, and event collateral was developed using a basic color scheme and pattern.

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