EVERYONE has a vision. EVERYONE has goals. EVERYONE says “this is gonna be MY year.” EVERYONE likes motivational quotes. EVERYONE says they want something better. EVERYONE says the time is now. But, real life begins after the euphoria of the moment. You heard a great sermon, saw a great speech, or read an inspirational quote that spurred a thought. Now what? How do you translate your desire for change in the current moment into a real plan of action? Count the costs and the build some actionable steps.

Daily Selfies

Everyday is a journey to self-improvement.

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The Florida Lectureship

The Tri-County Leadership Group was responsible for planning the 2015 Florida State Lectureship and invited me to develop the conference identity including the graphics presentation. Everything from web graphics to banners, signage, and event collateral was developed using a basic color scheme and pattern.

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Daily Selfies


We seek to provide daily inspiration in the form of our daily meditation.
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