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GROW Event One

[audio:|artists=Samuell Pounds|songs=Personal Spiritual Growth] The session is also available as an mp3; It's a little over an hour and 65mb. Spiritual Personal Growth

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CAMA Souvenir Booklet 2012

[download#29#nohits] If you're into nostalgia, you can download the other souvenir booklets, dating back to 2006. [download#17#nohits] - From CAMA 2010 in Atlanta, Georgia. [download#16#nohits] - From CAMA 2008 in Houston, Texas [download#15#nohits] - From CAMA 2006 in Jacksonville, Florida.

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CAMA 2012 Wrap

The wrap booklet for the 2012 Christian Acappella Music Awards in Nashville. Contains all performers, nominees, presenters and recipients. [download#32#nohits]

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The Fall Revival at The Magnolia Park Church of Christ featured minister Jesse Tolliver, III from the Collisseum Boulevard Church of Christ in Greensboro, NC. I've made the audio files available for download. Monday Evening Tuesday Evening Wednesday Evening Thursday Evening

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Acts 4 Exam and Answers

We've finished up Acts 4; Tests are graded and will be returned this Sunday [September 23]. Exam 2 // Acts Chapter 3 [Full] - The full exam for Acts Chapter 3. Acts 3 Answer Sheet - The Answer Key for Acts Chapter 3's Exam..

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CAMA 2012 Documents

A few new downloads that were just pushed through to the NACAMA site. [download#24#nohits] - The 2012 Christian Acappella Music Awards Artist Performance Guide [download#25#nohits] - The Marketing & Selling guide for the 2012 Christian Acappella Music Awards. [download#26#nohits] - The Artist Submissions Guide for the 2012 Christian Acappella Music Awards. (more…)

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US – the abstract

Here's the abstract version of the US Report [download#23#nohits]

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The Ministry Guide

Updated the Ministry Guide. Writeup coming soon. [download#2#nohits]

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Media Guides [update]

I've finally completed the media strategy for CAMA 2012; Simply waiting for the go-ahead to send our first campaign materials to press. Until then, I'm redeveloping all of our marketing materials for 2012, including our media guides. Download the original or the condensed version [download#13#nohits] [download#14#nohits]

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CAMA 2010 Wrap

As we work to put together a gameplan for the 2012 show, I decided to finally publish the wrap booklet from last years show. Download below also.. [download#12#nohits]

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