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Thoughts from 30

My sister is always gonna play matchmaker - She's my sister. Her plan is always to go find the most awesome, impossibly gorgeous woman she can find and try to get me to muster up the courage to ask her out. Never quite works out that way - i'm always gonna be a shy guy - but, I love her for trying. Life is better when you don't have to...

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There's a measure of clarity that comes when you're on the 5th night of working past 4am on a project. That clarity pertains primarily to the idea that I am doing work for the sake of saying I'm working instead of working towards a goal. And, upon further assessment, I can genuinely say that I am working on a project that I'd rather not be involved with and in doing...

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I've thrown away all of my journals. For as long as I can remember, they'd been a part of my life, my closest and most trusted friend. They served me well through the years, on days when I felt on edge, or felt like crying, or laughing, or like simply sharing the mundane... It's always been a part of my life. But, I haven't written a journal entry in a...

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Day One

Simply put, it was the best year of my life.... In 2011, I made a promise to be kinder and gentler, to reach out more to people and allow my feelings to show. I feel like, as I assess the year that was, those qualities allowed me to grow as an individual and therefore allowed me to move past the old me; but, it's time to evolve from last years...

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Getting Married

No, Not Me! I guess, after this entire process, I've come to a greater appreciation of what it actually takes to put together a wedding ceremony.

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I weighed myself this morning... As I stood on that scale and realized that I had gained another 5 pounds, and that now I was a healthy 215 pounds, I couldn't help but think it was finally time. So, I decided to finally cut my hair. I cut my hair, and it felt awesome, because for the the first time in too many years, I didn't feel like I needed...

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My aim, yet as I live, is for that distant shore. [audio:|titles=Lord You Told Me|artists=Southside Singers]

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Sweet Freedom

[audio:|titles=Blessed Be The Name|artists=Hamilton Landrum] Alas, I think my mind is beginning to work again. I can feel the desire to create returning, and it feels mighty good.

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