1 year, 12 months, 365 days, 8760 hours, 525,600 minutes, 31,536,000 seconds. That’s what we will have been blessed to see at the end of the year. Time continues to move. What are we doing to make the best use of the time the Lord has given us? We said we would maximize our time this year; have we? We said we would go after the things we desire this year; have we? If not, why not? If not, it’s

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The Workweek Planner

Do the work. Have a vision, develop a game plan, learn the requisite skills, apply the knowledge you’ve gained, build the necessary connections with the people who can help you achieve your desired outcome, and commit yourself. And then, allow the Lord to do what the Lord does. Because, it’s not about us hustling our way to wealth, spending endless days and sleepless nights trying to achieve our vision of success. It’s not our might that is going to take

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New Rules Action Planner

EVERYONE has a vision. EVERYONE has goals. EVERYONE says “this is gonna be MY year.” EVERYONE likes motivational quotes. EVERYONE says they want something better. EVERYONE says the time is now. But, real life begins after the euphoria of the moment. You heard a great sermon, saw a great speech, or read an inspirational quote that spurred a thought. Now what? How do you translate your desire for change in the current moment into a real plan of action? Count

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Bible Study Journal

Consider this; until we know, we’ll simply wander, unable to find any real peace and stability. We must take the time to know truth. And, when we know, we’ll know. And, knowing will mean that doubt will no longer imprison us; nor will discontentment or sorrow, hurt, pain or tragedy. When we finally know truth, we can then be free from jealousy and envy, choosing instead to focus on the Goodness of The Lord and his mercy given freely to

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Faith Hope Love Planner

In a world where we are constantly inundated with the barrage of news on the absolute worst things, and where we stand in desperate need of encouragement, we start with Twenty one consecutive days of prayer and meditation on the best things; faith, hope, and love. The format is straightforward. There’s a planner that incorporates a daily meditation and prayer list, as well as space for self assessment. In addition, there are sections for daily reflections and a 21-day reading

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Prayer and Meditation Journal

It’s interesting how we will exhaust all outside possibilities, consult friends, family and even neighbors, proceed through bouts of frustration and depression and never once think to pray. The confidence to know He will hear and answer according to His will is important; remembering that prayer should be our first option is even more important. Have you thought to Pray first? DOWNLOAD –

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