Playing With Prototypes

As I’ve written on previous occasions, I am working on a couple of ministry tools for download on this site. This has given me a lot of needed practice in the idea of Prototyping, the art of building a working rough draft.

Interesting to me is the idea of needing to develop a prototype of what is essentially paper crafts, but I’ve chosen to use the process to have what I feel is a dry run or personal pre-release. Each document carries a different purpose, and so, there are inherently different uses for prototyping.

For example, I, of course, am not a performing artist, and therefore the Gig set list and Artist Sales Tracker are really just documents I’m using in a simulated fashion, imaging that I am in either situation. For other documents, like the Bible Study Module, I am actually using this in a practice and am actively revising certain elements by the minute. Just recently, I’ve realized that I would like to have an element that allowed me to track the time I’ve spent studying, and so that is a piece that I’ll be including.

Another piece that is important to me is building something that is accessible and would not require any other modifications from the end-user. This, to me, means that I’ll probably be releasing soft-versions of all of my documents and also continuously updating documents.

Finally, I have an extreme interest in developing online counterparts to each of these pieces, so I’ll also be looking at the software side of prototyping.

Good Times

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