The Fall Revival at The Magnolia Park Church of Christ featured minister Jesse Tolliver, III from the Collisseum Boulevard Church of Christ in Greensboro, NC. I’ve made the audio files available for download. Monday Evening Tuesday Evening Wednesday Evening Thursday Evening

MP Thursday Night Module 1

Beginning Thursday, February 9th, we will begin our Griffin Lake Performance Simulation. Download and reference the pamphlet “Now that I’m A Christian” as it will serve as the starting point for our discussion on Time management and Goal Setting. 1-Day Planner – The Single page planner module Now That You Are A Christian – Information Packet. As a point of reference, I’d suggest checking out the following videos on Time Management and Goal Setting. Randy Pausch – A Lecture on

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MP Sunday School Module 01

In preparation for our quiz/test [whichever makes you feel better], here are the notes we’ve studied over for the past month. Also, clean sheets to highlight yourself. Genesis – Highlighted note sheets on Genesis 1-4. Greyed out text not required for test. John, Chapter 1 – Reference for our essay question. Chapters 1-4 [clean sheet] – Covers the creation, Adam & Eve, their disobedience, dismissal from the garden. Chapter 5 [clean sheet] – Won’t be covered in test one. Will

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Song Service Planning – Redux

Redux? Remember, I posted all of these articles before, and then lost them all. It was a tough summer, Charlie Brown. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the planning of the worship service, how that it takes more than a notion to make a service go smoothly. In addition I’ve been looking forward to the day when we would officially begin our quarter and work to actually plan the service ahead of Sunday. One of the areas i’m always

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