Selfie Saturday – March 19

‭Luke 9:62 – And Jesus said unto him, No man, having put his hand to the plough, and looking back, is fit for the kingdom of God.‬ We might have to adjust our pace. feeling overwhelmed, we might have to pull to the side of the road on this journey as we await the renewal of strength. There are moments of doubt and distress and times where we can find no comfort in those around us. Our vision gets blurry

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A New Understanding

And so it begins. The dawn of a new year in my life where I have decided that I would like to somehow make this one different on a couple of fronts. I’ve been thinking of how I would feel, and to be completely honest, I don’t ever recall feeling more optimistic in my entire life. I’ve been looking at where I would like my life to go, and for that matter, I’ve decided that working on projects that appeal

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