Thoughts from 30

My sister is always gonna play matchmaker – She’s my sister. Her plan is always to go find the most awesome, impossibly gorgeous woman she can find and try to get me to muster up the courage to ask her out. Never quite works out that way – i’m always gonna be a shy guy – but, I love her for trying. Life is better when you don’t have to worry about your health – 30 was the first time

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Recently, I’ve engaged in a rather intense round of reflection and self-assessment. I had to be honest with my self as to what I really want out of my life in terms of joy. It’s my therapy. And, after having a good conversation yesterday about dating and relationships, it made me even more absolute in my current thinking. I’m NEVER gonna be THAT GUY. There’s nothing casual, in my mind, about dating. Relationships are too vital to the overall human

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