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CAMA Souvenir Booklet 2012

[download#29#nohits] If you're into nostalgia, you can download the other souvenir booklets, dating back to 2006. [download#17#nohits] - From CAMA 2010 in Atlanta, Georgia. [download#16#nohits] - From CAMA 2008 in Houston, Texas [download#15#nohits] - From CAMA 2006 in Jacksonville, Florida.

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US – the abstract

Here's the abstract version of the US Report [download#23#nohits]

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MP Thursday Night Module 1

Beginning Thursday, February 9th, we will begin our Griffin Lake Performance Simulation. Download and reference the pamphlet "Now that I'm A Christian" as it will serve as the starting point for our discussion on Time management and Goal Setting. 1-Day Planner - The Single page planner module Now That You Are A Christian - Information Packet. As a point of reference, I'd suggest checking out the following videos on Time...

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The Ministry Guide

Updated the Ministry Guide. Writeup coming soon. [download#2#nohits]

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On Layby Reporting

Of late, I've been developing a system for managing the reporting of layby for our members. The Layby Package [i'm just going to go with that name] is a really a set of database and merge document that allows a congregation to deliver to its members an overview of their giving, either quarterly, bi-annually, or annually. The key to the whole package is the record keeping. At The Park [The...

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A Ministry Framework

I’ve been looking forward to writing on this topic for some time now, but have only now gotten around to actually sitting down and taking the time to organize my thoughts for this particular post. The Idea of ministry management has become a major sticking point for me as I’ve come to believe that ministry can and should work a whole lot better in the engagement of the members of...

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CAMA Planning – Week 2

In last week's post, I ran down the list of accomplishments for the week, looking at the things we had begun to do in the planning of the 2010 Christian Acappella Music Awards. This week, I figured I'd write about the things we didn't quite get a handle on, and our ability to reconcile those problems that are seemingly on the horizon. In terms of show planning there is generally...

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Song Service Planner 4up

I had the opportunity today to put in some work on the projects I've been managing lately and I must say, I am excited to be working on them. It gives me a chance to both fine tune my design skills while also helping to develop my ability to problem-solve by way of solutions development. Anyway, one of the pieces I've been working on has been a 4-up version of...

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Playing With Prototypes

As I've written on previous occasions, I am working on a couple of ministry tools for download on this site. This has given me a lot of needed practice in the idea of Prototyping, the art of building a working rough draft. Interesting to me is the idea of needing to develop a prototype of what is essentially paper crafts, but I've chosen to use the process to have what...

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While i'm busy trying to finish the development of the new ministry tools i'll be releasing this weekend [hopefully], I've been thinking a lot about what things I would like to use myself. I mean, it's one thing to build a bunch of pieces for other people to use, and yet, another thing altogether to build offline applications that I myself would like to use. One such item is a...

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