One of the great things about society in general is that we all have the opportunity to go out and make wholesale changes to the lives we live. For some, there is the point where they’ve had enough of their current surrounding and one day simply pick up and move cross country in search of a new landscape. For others, the change may not be so drastic. Every day people make minor changes to their current existence, be it chopping off their hair, or buying a new toy, seeking out a new and challenging job, or any number of other things all in an attempt to find satisfaction in their existence.

For me, that change involved getting my MBA. And, it actually makes sense; I’ve always wanted to be the master of business administration [not really]. Honestly, it has always been a goal of mine to get either my MBA or a Juris Doctorate, even going so far as to sit for the LSAT in June, 2005. As life would have it, though, law school ended up not being the choice for me. Perhaps at a later point in my life I’ll return to it, but for now, I’m good with B-School. I’m even ok with B-School via University of Phoenix, which itself is a little interesting in how I arrived at the decision to attend Phoenix.

Long story short, I punted on my admissions application for FGCU [go Eagles] and after 2 delays in finishing the application, it turns out that I missed the deadline to take spring, 2013 classes. Now, as this is occurring, I’m receiving daily emails for graduate programs that are “reputable” and reasonably priced, but I didn’t like the idea of a strictly online program at a school I didn’t know anything about. After about a month or so of sifting through the applications and information packets, my father suggested I look into Phoenix. Ultimately, my decision came down to Barry University and Phoenix, and Barry initially won out, except for the fact that I had punted on that one as well, and thus, my first graduate school lesson; Procrastination Kills Opportunities.

Short Story even shorter, I go to the Phoenix website on a Tuesday morning and fill out the information request, within 3 hours an adviser called me and started the process and within 48 hours I was an official University of Phoenix student.


So, I started in February, and now, at the end of June I have completed a quarter of the graduate program. And, one quarter of the way through, I have some thoughts on B-School..

  1. I totally missed the lecture on APA Format as an Undergrad – I’ve come to understand over my first 3 courses that APA formatting is clearly something I didn’t pick up at Florida Gulf Coast University. For that matter, I never used it in Middle nor High school; and yet, here I am in B-School having my papers slaughtered for lack of control in writing. My first two courses were ok in that the teachers tended to focus more on the actual content than the technical aspects of the written pieces, but, my most recent class was a practice in patience. It appeared his weekly comments on papers were that my paper was well written, but the formatting and usage of references was lacking. Hopefully, moving forward I will be able to further develop my sense of style as it deals with APA.
  2. It feels like B-School… Kinda – I’ll be the first to admit that It’s mostly my fault for romanticizing this idea of B-School where all of the students were preppy and wore cardigans and talked about how interesting the speech was that Jamie Dimon gave on C-Span and where group projects would involve very intricate business simulations and we’d all discuss how we were going to develop the next great financial instrument that would turn the business world on its ear…. Wait, that does actually happen?? Yeah, of course it does, at Harvard, Wharton, Stanford, and Sloan. But, In a sense, I actually like the feel of the program. I’m not in competition with anyone here and the mood is more laid back. This is a plus.
  3. Time flies……. – It feels like just last week I was starting the program and now I’m a quarter of the way to completion. I continue to tell myself that I need to have an immediate plan to move once I get the degree because it will be here before I know it and I want to move to Atlanta once I finish the program.
  4. ……. when you’re having fun – Thus far, this program has been the most fun I’ve had academically in a long time, since at least my junior college days. I had forgotten how it felt to have that sort of camaraderie with classmates. All of my time at FGCU was spent while sick so I simply went to class, tried to focus and then went home and got back in my bed. I don’t think I ever even raised my hand to ask a question or make a comment, so I definitely take full advantage of the opportunity now.

Overall, I’m liking the overall flow of the program, though there is one thing that drives me crazy about this program….

Plus and Minus grading makes no sense to me. But, another conversation for another day…

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  • Hello! I’m an MBA alum from FGCU. I find it very interesting reading about how you fared in the B-school application process. I can totally understand. My program of choice was FAU. However, I had some questions regarding the program that went unanswered. I had also applied to FGCU. Very quickly, I was admitted, my previous credits were reviewed, etc., etc. In the end, that is what made the difference. Knowing that I was “in” and all set to go…as opposed to having loose strings hanging…

    It really makes me wonder, how many colleges miss out on great students, especially at the graduate level, because they are either too slow or have unclear, unwieldy application processes? I know that your situation was a little bit different. But I was really impressed when you described the application process to University of Phoenix. Imagine if the FL state schools had something similar…

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